(Sensuality) Video / On The Flo— Base & Floorwoork Conditioning: Second Prompt

Prompt 2: Using the “senses”and somatic energy to explore your movement sensuality

The senses are sound, sight, feel, smell and taste. Observing what appeals to us and what repels us via the senses and somatic energy, we’ll hope to channel these revelations into our movement.

We’ll experiment and discover what movements feel natural and what type of movement may need extra attention to condition and develop.

Watch this video. In this 8 minute video we’ll cover both prompts. . Be sure to revisit previous prompts


Sensuality for the purposes of the ‘On The Flo’ conditioning series is the ability to appeal to the senses—touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing— through our movement. To condition and develop our bodies to this we will exercise two concepts, mind-muscle connection and somatic energy as sensuality.

Mind-Muscle Connection as sensuality

Giving instruction to your muscles. Taking what you imagine and making it a reality in movement.

  • Touch – Hands, finger, feet
  • Smell – Atmosphere & aroma
  • Sight – Leading and directing with body parts
  • Sound – Music & sonics
  • Taste – Sensation, movement levels

Somatic Energy as sensuality

Channeling energy through-out the body and addressing emotions with movement.

  • Where does pain/unease/tension reside in the body?
  • Where does pleasure/openness/strength reside in the body?
  • What is your breath-work like?

Sense Resources

Somatic Energy Resources


 → Prompt Guidelines

What you’ll need

  • Journal of some sort (paper or digital)
  • Scheduled time to think, write down your thoughts
  • Scheduled time to explore movements and reflect afterwards
  • Space on your phone to record multiple videos or camera

🚩Part A: Imagining Sensuality Through Your Senses

  1. For Touch— List places & ways to touch t hat are reminiscent of your element
    1. + Use the touch association library graphic to help.
  2. For Smell— Make a list of how you want to smell. How you want your pole spot to smell.
    1. + Use the smell association library graphic to help.
  3. For Sight— Recorded movement exercise. Experiment and video in motion what leading with different areas feels like, note which areas feel natural and which feel odd
    1. + Chest
    2. + Eyes (look in the direction you want to go, before moving there)
    3. + Knees
    4. + Legs
    5. + Feet/Toes
    6. + Elbows
  4. For Sound— Make a list of natural sounds & songs, that remind you of
    your element(s)
    1. + Use the Element sound playlists as a resource
  5. For Taste— Make a list of colors, garments and adjectives to describe the things that appeal to you
    1. + Colors that remind you of your element, garments you feel comfortable and sexy in, things that appeal to your taste
    2. + Choose what appeals to you from the taste association library graphic (can be from any element)

🚩Part B: Imagining Sensuality Through Somatic Energy

  1. Make 2 lists where you feel in your body:
    1. + Pain/unease/tension
    2. + Pleasure/openness/strength
  2. Search and begin to collect tutorial videos on Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest collection of somatic movements to try or learn at the floor/base of the pole
    1. + Use the somatic movement library as a resource

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