Sexy Pole Poses For Beginners (Kinda-ish): 6 Poses That Are Suitable For Learning 2-3 months Into Your Pole Journey

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of discovery, these sexy pole poses for beginners (first appeared on TikTok as mini tutorials) will ask if you have the pre requisite conditioning to execute them. This is what this post is about— conditioning for the pose in order to perform it.

Pole Poses In This Collection:

  1. Cross Ankle Layback
  2. Elbow Embrace
  3. Rainbow Variation
  4. Cradle To Jamilla Static Pole Spin
  5. Snakey Ballerina Progression Conditioning
  6. Hollywood Spin On Static

If you’re reading this you may just be starting your pole journey and trying to figure out what to learn and how to learn it fast. Or you may have taken a few classes and are trying to extend your pose variety.

The term ‘beginner’ here, is just a term to help you find this post.


Conditioning Cues:

  • Use a heavy resistance band to spot you if you are alone at home to build body trust
  • Acclimate your body to tolerate the intensity of the thigh squeeze and pole gripping your skin
  • You may need to do ab crunches with thigh grip around pole to build the core strength to drop back and lift back up
  • Cross legs at ankles
  • Make sure thighs are dry, use liquid grip aide to help if needed
  • Squeeze pole between thighs
  • Chest up at all times (feels like your back is arched) / try not to round your back
  • Engage/squeeze abs
  • Slowly lower torso – allow legs to raise to counteract the force of torso coming down


Conditioning Cues:

  • Wrap legs around the pole in x-grip simulating the end of a climb
  • Wrap pole in first elbow, then wrap other elbow and HUG YOSELF!
  • Pull chest into pole, arch back, drop head back. GET INTO IT YUH!
  • Try to bend legs at kness, which will lift legs up and place weight load on elbow grip that can suspend you in the air (make sure to train both elbows)
  • It will be intense at first, but that’s what conditioning intensity tolerance is for.


Conditioning Cues:

  • Start from the floor: stand, face the pole and wrap decided leg around the pole and grab foot with opposite hand
  • Begin to lean back, lift foot that is not gripping the pole off ground (keep one hand on pole until you feel secure
  • Let back arch and build trust in this front knee grip
  • From the air: carousel kick (click here for free quick tutorial or here for detailed tutorial) to mount/enter onto the pole
  • Once grip is secure. LEAN! back arched (do back bends off the pole to condition bendy back flexibility)
  • To create bridge arch back more, extend hand to find the pole


Conditioning Cues:

  • Momentum is key for getting this spin on static pole
  • First condition the hip hold/thigh top grip of Jamilla:
    • Tilt the upper thigh onto the pole, with legs bent
    • torso on one side (head dropped) -legs on the other side
    • top hand extends (pull), bottom hand supports (push)
    • top knee to top elbow
    • bottom knee to chest -at end head should be looking up at top foot
    • Unfold legs, squeeze thigh muscles to extend
  • Now, to work on the cradle spin into jamilla
    • Inside leg steps, outside leg swings for momentum


Conditioning Cues:

  • Chest/Back external rotation (thoracic) is very important for entering into this pose to mirror the snake like movement
    • Stretch and open: shoulders, back, chest and spine before attempting and training this pose to prevent strain or injury
  • Before trying on the pole, there’s an opportunity to gauge your condition by using a resistance band to mimic the rotation movement.
  • From the Floor: Practice squeezing the pole between your thighs, calves and shins
    • Secure leg grip
    • Inside hand touches dem toes
    • Rotate chest out, so that back touches the pole and gaze upward
    • Top hand then makes contact with the pole


Conditioning Cues:

  • 1. Train Grip — Halfbracket pole grip can be a tough one to master. Training with a resistance band will help build the mind-muscle connection for the push-pull suspension without jumping.
  • 2. Lift + Knee Wrap — Develop the control to bring the inside knee to the pole without jumping
  • 3. Putting it all together— (for static) build the hip flexor strength needed for momentum.
  • For a more expanded tutorial watch it on the Pole Conditioning YouTube

Did these pole poses for beginners help? Leave a comment or suggest some other poses for beginners to learn

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