September 2022 Skill Development Practice: Knee-Pit Grip Mobility


Necessary pre-requisites
Jasmine trick (hand released posed) and must have Pole climb skill (any variation)

Virtually on Zoom

Dates & Times:
Sundays – September 4th, September 18th, October 2nd @ 8:30pm ET / 7:30pm CT / 6:30pm MT / 5:30pm PT

 ‘Jasmine’ and ‘genie’:

They’re two of the first tricks/poses I could actually do on the pole and they are knee-pit grips. Howeverrrrrr… after awhile, I started lusting after all the spready and super dynamic tricks because the knee pit stuff seemed stiff (especially on static mode), so I stopped doing them as much. THEN — I discovered mobility. 

Let me put you on game.  Mobility is about how well you can actually move — range of motion. And for pole tricks, it boils down to how can you enter, milk, extend, sauce, release, hold, ascend, descend, shake, turn, jiggle, wiggle, wave, exit or any sort of motion in a pose or a trick. I mean —can you dance in it? Can you move into it or out of it with some funk or flavor?

That’s what this roadmap lab is about. While you’ll learn different shapes and trick variations to extend your pole vocabulary, my focus is on conditioning you to safely explore motion and moving in the OG knee-pit grips.

Knee-pit gripping the pole has potential.

Practicing a deeper knowing and application gives versatility on the pole to form stimulating sentences with a grip that often is executed stiff and straight to the point. In this roadmap lab series you’ll condition the OG knee-grip tricks “jasmine” and “genie” opening your body’s understanding of them into a range of mobility and movement that translate into a variation of tricks, shapes and techniques that become your taste of body talk.

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