Progress Mini Vlog: Jade Split Conditioning So It Looks Bomb


I made up my mind that after I learned inversion I was going to start training the “Jade Split” next. So after getting this far in my inversion training a week ago, I decided to start Jade Split conditioning and this is the result.

The Progressions

Typing this out won’t do it justice. Of course, I’ll be recording videos soon. But until then head over to the Performance Tempel Pole Conditioning library to watch mini conditioning studies from my TikTok. I think it can be beneficial to watch a beginner/baby poler learn in real-time because there’s special nuances in teaching that click when you’re new to a skill and show others VS when you’ve mastered a skill and show others. I hope that makes sense, but if it doesn’t let’s just get to the progressions:

Beginner/Baby Poler Tips

  1. Start off the pole and warm up always.
  2. When pulling up into your inversion remember these cues “Chest To Hands” and “Hips to Hands” it will help.
  3. In your leg hang, crank your hanging (inside) leg so that the pole gets right up in the hip crease before rotating that same leg around the pole
  4. When taking the outside leg off the pole, practice pikeing the outside leg before lowering it off the pole into the split
  5. If you don’t have the flexibility just yet, don’t extend your inside leg, practice with it bent

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