Secure your grip and protect your hands and wrist for improved leverage as you safely lift with these leather lifting straps. These signature “Secure” Black Suede Lifting Straps are subtly adorned with the motivation message “guts & glory”.  Nubuck genuine leather material brings savoir faire and sexy functionality to any gym or crossfit box. Straps are soft  and sturdy to help you increase reps or the amount of lifting weight to reach new heights and PR’s. “It ain’t hard to tell, I excel, then prevail.”


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Product Features

  • Black Colored Nubuck Leather for longevity
  • Unisex Adjustable Fitting
  • 1.5″ wide x 21″ length
  • Designed with heavy duty stitching
  • Ideal for deadlifts, pulling exercises, heavy kettle bell work, farmer’s carry, various bar workouts, hanging ab work, and other exercises where a secure grip is optimal

How To Use


Care Instructions for preservation and extended wear

Do not wash in machine. Use damp cloth and mild soap to gently pat at straps , air dry.
Store in dry areas, especially after workouts to air dry
Do not dry clean
Posted by:Ashley

Ashley S. is the fire starting founder of ‘Tempel’. As an entrepreneur, fine arts scholar and consultant, she is also a managing executive of business performance firm Patent Ventures. She is a believer, creative, gym bad gyal who loves lifts, and an avocado aficionado.

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