Pole Climb Clinic: Virtual Conditioning Intensive Classes



2 Hour Virtual conditioning intensive class for stylized pole climbs.

Class Dates

All classes are  Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00p.m EST

 Intensive Class
 Jan 08
 Side Climbs
 Jan 15
 Stylized X-Grip Climbs
 Jan 22
 Caterpillar (Inverted) Climb
 Jan 29
 Static Rotations Climb

Pre-requisites: Must have basic climb.

Please read F.A.Q’s below for more information or to ask a question

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  • 2 hours – 20 minute warm up, 50 minute cues, breaks & progressions, 30 minute exploration & questions window,  20 Minute Recovery.
  • Small group (up to 10 spot available per class)
  • Google Meet Virtually
  • Recording Included (Private link will be shared with cues & progressions)
  • Static & Spin Pole – except for specific static rotation climb intensive



Q: What level are the intensive classes open to?

R:  Intensive classes will include folk along the spectrum; However, there is a  pre-requisite that  attendees must be proficient in their basic pole climb. Meaning they can consecutively climb up the pole more than two times regardless of pole height. If you’re having trouble with your basic pole climb, come take a one-on-one to improve.

Q: If I want to buy one class now, and one class later…can I do that?

R:  Yep. You get a discount for purchasing more than one class in a single order. But if you’re unsure and want to wait it out you can come back at a later date to this same link and purchase the other class of your choosing.

Q: Are classes refundable if I’m unable to attend?

R: No. If you’re unable to attend on the assigned date a recording will be emailed to you and questions are welcomed afterwards.

Q: What If I cannot attend the full 2 hours?

R: That’s OK. If you can only attend one hour, the first hour will include the cues & progressions. The second hour will be facilitated exploration and breakout movement with the climb cues.

Q: Do I have to turn my camera on?

R: That’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with. Having your camera on will allow me to observe and address specific concerns, but it’s not required to participate.

Q: What software is needed?

R: The virtual class will be held via Google Meet, which means you can join via mobile, tablet or web application. For more information about system compatibility visit their help center here