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What you put in, is what you get out. You can live with failure. What you can’t live with are regrets.

Monitor your effort, timing and momentum.

+ 365 days of club Level Access to private mobile app features: Performance Journal

+ Participation in competitive/benchmark Workouts






You’re human — you’re bound to fall back into old habits, procrastinate, or lose motivation. To counter these things, your chances of hitting a specific goal increase greatly if you’re getting frequent feedback that will keep you on track and help you to adjust accordingly. — INC Magazine.

Influence your decisions. Document your progress. Achieve your pursuit. Compete healthily. Maintain the hunger.

Performance Journal (in app)

Effort, timing and momentum are factors of the game that you should and can control. Now you can visualize them. The Performance Tempel team is where your frame of reference expands.

Analyze patterns of effort.
Sync to rhythms of time.
Gauge the momentum.

Document & archive.

+ Give each activity a label

+Record PR’s, Reps, Distances, Rounds ect and make notes freely.

+Categorize each activity by type

+Pay attention to your body and track post-workout feels

Train to accomplish greatness. Track for feedback and adjustments.




Posted by:Ashley

Ashley S. is the fire starting founder of ‘Tempel’. As an entrepreneur, fine arts scholar and consultant, she is also a managing executive of business performance firm Patent Ventures. She is a believer, creative, gym bad gyal who loves lifts, and an avocado aficionado.

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