OG Pole Dance Skill Conditioning Practice Sessions


Set aside 60 minutes to practice and develop specific OG pole dance trick skills. Pop in to sessions to understand/brush up on executions that you want to give devoted attention to.


A. Skillset Pack #1 : Fan & Flare Kicks ( On demand recordings for beginner -not new- dancers)

B. February 2023: Grown Ass Climbs ( live sessions + recordings for in-between baby and seasoned dancers)

  • Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 7PM – 8PM Eastern: Serpentine Climb (forearm climb pre-requisite)
  • Tuesday, Feb 21 @ 7PM – 8PM Eastern: Vixen Ascension Climb (pole-sit pre-requisite)
  • Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 7PM – 8PM Eastern: Stallion Side Climb ( knee-pit grip pre-requisite)

Select Any/All Skillset Practice Packs That You Desire: