Fall Run Club



Join Performance Tempel and keep it movin’ to the music.

It’s been a hell of a year. Gift this experience to your body with the accountability to keep your commitment. Join Performance Tempel’s 3 week virtual run club. It will be the spark to keep you inspired, decrease stress and be in contact with GOOD music. Keep that same energy.

There are 3 weeks of running assignments. 2 runs per week.



A run club? What? How Does this work?

  • 3 weeks— 2 runs per week, typically 30-50 minutes
  • SMS Support & Accountability — must opt in to receive after sign up
  • Music Playlists curated to accompany each run —Apple Music, Spotify & Tidal
  • Must be 18+
  • Must have Nike Run Club App and account
  • Awards & recognition to be given out, but mostly this is YOU vs You.

Will a route be given to me?

Assignment details for each run will be sent via sms along with playlist soundtracks that set the sonics for each run. Since this is a virtual run club it means you can run anywhere you plan to, as long as you are permitted legally to do it safely.

Are the runs back to back/everyday?

No. You run according to your schedule. It’s recommended to stagger runs with 1-2 days between each of the assignments. You get to choose which days you want to run each week.

Why is Performance Tempel doing this?

This is a way to channel energy and decrease the mental load that it takes to get active. It’s really about getting better, doing better and being jolted into a mind-muscle-music experience each time you run. Inspire yourself.