cyber lab + roadmap/ Jade Conditioning Components & Methodologies July Zoom Sessions + pdf (for learners)

$50.00 every 2 weeks for 4 weeks

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(3)Three, two hour zoom sessions spread over 5 weeks + a visualization graphic model that shows the road to a grippier and flat(er) Jade split.

Necessary proficiently skilled in: Jasmine pose (hand released), Pole climb skill (any variation)

Nice to have, but not necessary: Drama queen pose



Although inverting is not required for this, if you can invert, what is your preferred mounting method?

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There’s much more that meets the eye when it comes to Jade splits. It’s an illusion trick.

Synthesize the concept, tradition, components and various methodologies of the pole trick — Jade split (inverted horizontal front split on the pole). This is designed for learners who want to build a vocabulary of skills that translate into various options that secure a consistent performance of grippier and flatter jade splits (or its variations) anywhere on the pole.

For this lab, it’s not necessary for you to be able to have a front split on the ground or chopper inversion.

lab session features

Live 2 hour Zoom delivered in up to 4k quality video stream (1080 x 1920 resolution)
Small group, up to 4 people, for individualized cues and assessments
Non-boring, progressive warm up + terminology & tradition + cue & attempt time + breaks + spicy execution time + cool down

pdf Visualization Features

Printable roadmap PDF emailed to participants before start of labs in July (must have PDF rendering software to open)
Floor, base, aerial and non pole methods that are intersectional practices — focus is not fitness, focus is on internalizing the components that make jade possible.
Explanation of the Jade split’s tradition and history

Artistic quality

3 key components to executing Jade Split are synthesized into 15 + concrete actualization methods that sustainably build upon each other and offer options for various conditions and executions
Skill opportunities: exposure to isolated skills, introduction to aesthetic integration, learn muscle engagement, practice increasing range of motion, focus on feeling forms & memorization, perform jade (or its variants) anywhere on the pole
Video demos & session recordings included. Streamed via Vimeo. Filmed in at-home pole space, appropriate for small or large spaces


Additional information

2hr Lab Day

Sunday PM @ 8 EDT/ 7 CDT/ 5 PDT, Wednesday PM @ 6 EDT/ 5 CDT / 3 PDT