Pole Music: ‘On The Flo’ 4 Element Playlists — R&B, Soul, Hip Hop & Dirty South Classics

Pole Music To Move To:

In the ‘On The Flo’ series the first prompt involves the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water to help you identify your movement style.

A few days after publishing, I started to put some musical playlists together that embodied each element to help connect with it through music.

So here it is. The 4 elements in Black AF musical playlists full of: spiritual lifting, ass clappers, soul soothing and emotional songs.

I chose to stay within the realms of r&b, soul and hip hop and span them across a couple of generations. These playlists will grow, so expect new additions.

If you’d like to submit a song, send me a direct message on instagram.

Air Playlist

Floating, ascending and ethereal divinity that’s what this playlist evokes.

From the weightlessness of clouds to the suspension of the moon and stars to atmospheric thunders be inspired to levitate

Water Playlist

Echoing, flowing and deep, that’s the vibes of this playlist.

Whether it’s the sound of rain, the rolling seas or the slow drips be inspired to dive in.

Earth Playlist

Unfolding, evolving and strong are the rhythmic moods of this collection.

In the molding of sand, the richness of soil or the vividness of nature be inspired to grow in your direction.

Fire Playlist

Smoldering, evocative and intense are the infernal songs of this playlist.

Flicker in the flames or sizzle in the smoke be inspired to rise and burn with energy.

Hone In On Your Movement Style

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