Pole conditioning support members can post updates/activity to their personal profiles to track progress, vent frustrations or post about unlocking victories. Posts are visible to other pole conditioning support members and can be commented and/or liked to encourage cross-support and communal care for one another. Go To All Members Activity Feed

Screengrab of profile page on mobile

From Profile Page

  • Below profile tab menu bar the default tab will be the “activity wall” indicated by the “pen & paper” icon
  • Scroll to locate the “post on your wall” textbox to type in your pole activity update. You can update with text only or add a photo (jpg/png/ect) — consider posting a screenshot from your pole videos.
  • You can embed videos by simply pasting the URL link to the post from:
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Instagram
  • You can post links to other video locations like (these will not embed the video):
    • TikTok Post link
    • Dropbox link
    • Google Drive link
    • Spotify Playlist link
    • Apple Music Playlist link
  • Add hashtags to your posts like:
    • #polevictory — celebrate a pole milestone
    • #unlockedshape — show off a shape that you’ve unlocked
    • #polehelp — ask a question or look for feedback
    • #polejourney — not quite there, but post progress to celebrate and track yourself over time
    • #pd(poleshapename) — e.g. #pddangerousbird — help organize and classify posts to make it easier to discover as our group grows.

Like, Comment & Respond On Posts

Visit other members profiles or view the activity feed to like, comment and respond to posts.

  • View all members activity by visiting the Pole Conditioning Group Feed. You must be logged in and a member of the support group to view this page.
  • Discover members and visit individual profiles by visiting the Pole Conditioning Group Directory
  • Use the “thumbs up” icon to like a post OR select “like” to like a comment
  • To reply to a post select the “chat bubble” icon
  • To reply to a comment nestled underneath a post select the “reply” text
  • Hashtags and @’s are functional in comment sections as well.

Delete & Edit Your Posts

Edit or delete your post after they’ve been processed.

  • Scoll/locate the post you’d like to edit.
  • Select the “downward arrow icon’ next to your display name
  • Options to edit or delete will appear
  • If edit:
    • Post will become plain text
    • To cancel editing find ‘cancel editing’ link next to update button
    • To confirm editing and process select update button
  • If delete:
    • Warning dialogue overlay will appear
    • Select yes to delete
    • Select no to cancel

Posts that are deleted will are not easily recoverable.