Pole conditioning support members can make changes/edits to their profile by visiting their profile page here: Go to Profile

Screengrab of profile page and edit gear icon

Find Edit Profile “Gear” Icon

  • Select the gear icon at the right of profile photo to reveal menu options
  • Select “edit profile” from the menu, this will redirect the browser to an editable page
  • You can also view/edit/delete your account by selecting “my account”
  • To logout select “Logout”
Screengrab of “Edit profile” option on profile page

Editable Field Options

Screengrab of editable fields on profile page
  • Above the tab menu bar you can select the rounded profile image to choose/update profile mage
  • Select the short bio text box to edit /update the description ( 180 character max allowed)
  • Use the selector prompts underneath the tab menu bar to update your profile meta data
    • Profile Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Website (link will appear on profile)
    • Instagram
    • YouTube ( link will appear under profile image)
    • TikTok
    • Pole Level
    • Pole Location
    • Latest Unlocked Shape Photo