On The Flo— Base & Floorwoork Conditioning: The Theory

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Preface: I’m an artist, I’m sensitive about my shiiiii. No really. I have a BFA from LSU and aesthetics are what I have studied and subsequently chosen as both profession and my “thing” in life. I’m obsessed. That obsession breads theories whenever I get involved waist deep into activities and right now that so happens to be pole. These are my opinions and thoughts on display. They are not facts, and I’m allowed to change my mind as I learn. For now though, I hope these help you in your pole journey to embrace and condition your basework and floorwork.

What makes pole basework and floorwoork visually alluring and captivating?

Sensuality, Flexibility, Sex Appeal & Style. These four things are distinct. Some intertwine with each other; yet depending on how you mix them you’ll see something visually different. In my movement studies at the base of the pole, these were the elements that started to stand out to me as the things I had to condition if I wanted something that visually expressed what I was imagining in my head.


The ability to appeal to the senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.

Flexibility & Strength

The ability to stretch/lengthen, unfold with control and contort.

Sex Appeal

What arouses and stimulates or simulates sexual movement.


The approach, behaviors or underlying methodology that can be sensed in relation to a known category or theme.

All of these elements can be conditioned, developed or discovered— however you want to frame it. “On The Flo” will be an explorative device— a compass if you will— to help direct you in conditioning (preparing and training the body). The destination is you beginning to create with your sensuality, flexibility, sex appeal and style the type of movement that you imagine.

What training modality will be used to test and research this theory?

  • Resistance Bands
  • Low pole posing
  • Yoga Flow
  • Video & photograph documentation
  • Floorwork foundations
  • Creative directing (moodboarding, writing and referencing)

To research and experiment we’ll be using strength tools, movement and shape practices (like yoga). To pair we’ll also use aesthetic creativity mediums, like referencing to channel our imaginations. Prompts will be given frequently for guidance and provocation.

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