Mind & Muscle: A DM for your sloth, stress, and sadness – Exercise and The Brain

Judging you? I am not; but I’m definitely not feeling any inability that is keeping you from committing to something that will elevate you.

FACT: Science proves that exercising regenerates new brain cells, and new brain cells give us the fresh chance to elevate ourselves. 

We’re all struggling with something. Myself? I’m struggling with contentment and finding pleasure in what’s available to me rather than complaining about all the things that I can find wrong. I’m personally using this “Focus” challenge to redirect and transform jealous vibes into clarity. You too, should use these 20 days to get clarity for you, about you. Before you get around family and before 2019 kicks off, endeavor to begin now. Commit to do something for yourself.

  • You have the motivation to work out, but you don’t.
  • You find reasons like not having time, not knowing what to do, or you just don’t want to, period.
  • To know better, have access to resources to do better, and to decline to do better is sloth.

FACT: Exercising enhances creativity and relieves stress. (says a 2014 study by scientists at Stanford University)

If this time of year stresses you out,  you’re most likely trying to control something that you just can’t. Release it, turn on your music and start enjoying exercising to watch stress melt. The post-workout endorphins literally cause cortisol levels (stress hormones) to drop significantly.

If you need a breakthrough innovative or creative idea, workout and meditate. Trust me. I’m telling you this from experience.

FACT: Exercising eases depression and anxiety symptoms 

Exercising can become a healthy coping strategy to deal with seasonal depression. Meeting goals and challenges (even the small ones)  triggers something in our psyche that helps boost self-confidence levels. When you exercise it stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals are vital to regulating your mood.

So look, just join us. Whatever your apprehensions are, we’ll deal with it. Renaldo, Febeh, and I are here to support you. We may not know you, but we have something in common. We’re not using workouts as an escape from reality, we’re shifting our perspective on reality. We’re using our bodies as sanctuary (word @allherwords). Your body is a Tempel. So this year, instead of/in addition to vision boarding , get moving – match your faith with some action. Manifest that glory.

No Guts. NO Glory.




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