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Tick-tock you don’t stop, the #EDENxTempel peppermint education keeps flowing. Summer just started and the heat is already kicking my butt. On the slightest of keys, the extra heat in the atmosphere is also draining my resolve to workout (probably because I love to put in work outside). To combat my low mojo,  I’m in the lab concocting up a botanical solution. My hopes are that between mother nature and my pre workout this apothecary elixir will help assist my motivation, sans jitters and ingredients I cannot pronounce.

On the quest for the best of nature’s juices to help hit my fitness goals, I’ve discovered ‘Peppermint’ to be a key ingredient to help boost morale and overall performance. Now, let’s dig in this thang:

The Benefits of Peppermint for Fitness

  • Actual physical performance can be enhanced by just the smell of peppermint
  • A study conducted showed that participants that had a “smidget” of peppermint added to their water improved their work performed by 51%
  • Peppermint oil is effective for managing stress and mental fatigue
  • Enhanced memory and alertness are both effects of the aromatherapeutic applications of peppermint oil


I discovered all these things with an in-depth google search, but of course I had to try it myself. And yall’. It’s true, at least for me. There’s something about the minty spice that gets your blood going. More than likely, I suppose that it opens up your breathing so that more oxygen can get to your blood. The more oxygen you have pumping through your cardiovascular system, the more your entire body is able to increase its capability to perform.

Peppermint Performance: The Science of Peppermint & The Body

I came to my conclusion by mixing peppermint oil with a cocktail of other essential oils; but let’s define what an  essential oil is. Pure extracted peppermint essential oil is simply the plant in a bottle. Different from the lab created equivalent, pure peppermint essential oil is created by distilling the actual peppermint plant with water until it becomes a potent oil.

Medicinal uses:

According to a prominent medical journal and Dr. Debra Rose Wilson peppermint can be used to treat headaches, gut health/digestion issues, menstrual pains, nausea, depression-related anxiety, muscle and nerve pain, and the common cold.


 A study done on 30 males who were administered a low dose of peppermint mixed with water concluded that there was significant improvement in grip, vertical jump, and long jump.  A 2013 study showed that the just the inhalation of peppermint aromas improved the lung capacity and inhalation ability of healthy participants. However, there are conflicting studies that make contradictory claims as to the effects of peppermint inhalation and athletic performance. The most recent studies though indicate that there is a positive correlation between increased physiological measurements and the aromatic sensation of peppermint.

You Be The Judge

Well, my guess, when it comes to peppermint essential oil, is this: With any essential oil product it’s all about formulation. The ratios, the ingredients, the methodology. It’s the formula that makes the essential oil effective. With that said… I’m going to be testing out the new workout stimulant formula that I’ve been mixing away at and I’m inviting you to see if it works. I’ve gotten the formula to a safe place for skin testing, so as long as you aren’t pregnant or have extremely sensitive skin diagnosis  you can test it.

If you’re interested fill out this form and I’ll send you a free tester vial of essential oil workout stimulant (topical).

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