video/ ‘Erotique’ Freestyles & Spicy Conditioning Alignment With Jamillia, Butterfly & Inside Leg Hang

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Soooo you posting your videos to a blog? Why not just use IG?

I’m torn about IG currently. I think it’s a wonderful tool for discovery. Everyone damn near has an Instagram profile, it’s convenient.

However, since Facebook bought Instagram I find myself in these cycles of love and hate for the social media network. It’s almost too easy.

I sort of want to revert back a little to when sharing on the internet wasn’t as consolidated. A time when you had to go to someones webspace/site to view their posts.

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I'm Ashley — or call me by my pole name Savage Seraphim the flame behind the PT project. Conditioning is the sacrifice that fuels the fire. Wanna be dope? Condition for it.

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