• Knee-Pit Grip & Mobility Lab

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    • December Interactive Pole Dance Knee-Pit Grip & Mobility Lab [Deepening, Dominating & Moving Through] - $200.00

    Practicing a deeper application of knee-pit develops the ability to create stimulating movement with a grip that often seen as stiff and stale. In this roadmap lab series you’ll condition the OG knee-grip with tricks “jasmine” and “genie” as the foundation to opening up to new shapes, flexibility and tricks.

  • Elbow-Pit Grip: Pull Tension Strength & Stabilization Conditioning Intro (Beta)

    3 Lessons
    • Cyber Class Only: Elbow-Pit Grip Conditioning Stability & Tension Introduction (Beta) -
    • Pole Conditioning Cyber Monthly - $65.00 / month

    In this introductory collection of conditioning sessions you'll learn by doing. You'll asses your current condition, create the mind-muscle connection needed for stabilization and sharpen response behaviors toward creating tension and tolerating pain.