Elbow-Pit Grip: Pull Tension Strength & Stabilization Conditioning Intro (Beta)

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Elbow-Pit Grip Introduction

Collection Overview

Elbow pit grip/ Devil’s Elbow usually is a hate or love grip. If you can get past the intensity of pull on the thin skin of the the elbow-pit, then you’ll love it. In this introductory collection of conditioning sessions you’ll learn by doing. You’ll asses your current condition, create the mind-muscle connection needed for stabilization and sharpen response behaviors toward creating tension and tolerating pain.

Session Features

3-5 Minute Explainer Video For Each Session
Image Stills With Cue Callouts
Session reviews & video submission for beneficial feedback
Short list reflective questions to gauge current condition

Video Quality

HD 1920 x 1080 streaming via Vimeo
Filmed on Google Pixel & Samsung Galaxy
Mixed-down & mastered audio for most videos / some ambient echo
Ability to access video on Smart TV in Vimeo app

Artistic Quality

5 hours of filming, distilled through weeks of editing by teacher
Multiple angles, close ups and POV considerations
Filmed in at-home pole space
Real-talk & anatomical cueing

Your Teacher


A post-covid, conditioning obsessed pole dancer, graphic artist & cyber thottie. She is an artist’s artist fusing her nude-taking affinity and former life as a body builder to teach how to ritualize mind-muscle connection.

Conditioning Sessions Breakdown

Elbow Pit Preparation Drills

Begin with a foundational understanding of the feeling needed to execute elbow-pit grip

Module Lessons | Typical Repetition Time 1-3 Days

Current Arm Condition Baseline Movements
Feeling Association: Bicep Curl & Elbow Pit Punch Down

Elbow Pit Stable Drills

Elbow pit grip + body contact poses that will help you to familiarize yourself with feeling the pole in this grip

Module Lessons | Typical Repetition Time 3-7 Days

Stability Reflex: Elbow Embrace Hold + Release
Stability Tension: Martini Hold (draft)