Ayesha Study Term

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Ayesha pole dance trick deconstructed.

Live CyberStudy

Jan 15 – March 31

Gestural movement practice, recorded observation, study and unlearning together. Understanding the recipes that apply Ayesha as art of your body.


January dates are locked in. February dates are tentative. March dates will be decided by the group at the end of January.

There are guided sessions that are critical to the process and there are lagniappe sessions that are elected.

Critical Sessions ( 7:30 -9:30 PM Eastern – Atlanta Time)Elected Sessions (Time Varies)
Sun Jan 15, 2023Wed Jan 18 : 11-12 PM
Sun Jan 22, 2023 Wed Jan 25 : 7-8 PM
Sun Jan 29, 2023 Wed Feb 8 : 11-12 PM
Sun Feb 12, 2023 Wed Feb 15 : 7-8 PM (tentative)
Sun Feb 19, 2023 Wed Feb 22 : 7-8 PM (tentative)
Sun Feb 26, 2023

JAN & FEB study guide

Each critical session is live and will be recorded and edited for playback . Recordings will live here. Elected sessions will not be recorded, except in the event of a sudden cue revelation that would be beneficial for the group-at-large is realized. The below study guide is only a preview.

Critical Questions
What's The Point Of Doing An 'Ayesha'? Am I Aware of My Ass? What the hell is stability?… Using the pole? Can You Handle The Tension and Not Focusing On The End? (Praxis) Are you straddling or are you spreading? What's your preferred location and primary mode of pole? What skill(s) do you know how to transition out of well already?