Leg Hangs & Leg Hang Switches Session — A La Carte


00:00 Intro
13:04 Understanding Internal, External Oppositional Force
22:54 Mechanically Understanding Leg Hangs From The Floor
32:15 Troubleshooting Mobility & Practice Cues
34:16 Having A Secure Leg Hang Is The Key To Quality Switches
35:04 Outside Leg Hang From Standing
36:53 Inverting Into Outside Leg Hang w/o a chopper
38:30 Using a Cup Grip To Invert Into Outside Leg Hang
39:27 Now let’s Talk Switching From One To The Other
41:39 Conditioning The Switch From The Floor
48:12 Troubleshooting The Switch Cues
57:36 Cool Down
59:53 Resolutions & Things To Remember