What is Training Modality?

As you step into a gym it’s easy to be overcome by the breadth of techniques, equipment, machines, and gear inside. Even if you wear your ‘gym rat’ badge with pride, new training techniques are constantly being introduced. Too, social media influences us to choose or try the modality that we’ve seen our favorite do. There is a wide-open spectrum of training options available. From bosu balls, to cardio contraptions, to suspension trainers, to weight machines, and free weights…. how do you know what to do or even where to start when you’re ready for change?

Have you hired a personal trainer? If yes, knowing training modalities is less of a priority. (Although, it’s still important information to broadly know). Training yourself? Then training modality knowledge is vital to preparing a successfully optimized program.

Training Is Like A Tree. One modality isn’t necessarily superior to the other, it all depends on the “tree’ and what the “tree” wants to be.

  1. The branches represent your physique and performance.
  2. The trunk is your strength and conditioning (training program).
  3. And finally, the roots are your overall wellbeing.

Your training modality (modalities) will depend on the answer to this next question. Open up a place where you take notes and answer this:

What physical results do you want out of your training?


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