2019 Schedule: Project (Challenges) & Workout Programs

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Looking at the date it’s about that “New Year, New Me” time. Here to not only support you, but hold you accountable too, this is the 2019 schedule of Performance Projects (the name given for challenges) and workout programs.Sign up for reminders or add it to your calendar to save the date. 

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Late Jan: Next Level PR Project

5 weeks, 5 cross fitness focuses. YOU vs YOU.  This is a digital cross fitness & weightlifting personal record challenge to set goals and smash them. 

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April 1: Summer Body Prep Project

HIIT & weightlifting challenge to shred, cut, and sculpt. Develop water and nutritional habits that support healthy leaning out that challenge the body to change. 

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April 22: Muva- #HotMom Workout Program

For the ladies that make the babies—a workout programs for women with child designed by trimester and for postpartum bodies. 

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TBD: 30 Day Detox Program

Pick something to detox from and commit to it. A program that incorporates juicing, wellness and supplement practices, and weightlifting. Improve your thinking, boost your immune system, and improve internal systems. 

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TBD: 15 Day Spirit, Soul, Muscle

Build your physical, mental, and spiritual muscles. Daily foundations to kickstart the journey to facing the resistance of weight training and the weights of life. 

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